Seekers Luncheon

So last Sunday I cooked the quarterly after church lunch.  There were about 55 people and for the first time ever there were hardly any leftovers!  I think at the end of the meal there was one bowl of chili left and one small serving of salad.  It helps that no one told me how many people they were expecting…I was thinking I was cooking for maybe 40-45.

This was definitely a crowd-pleasing menu!  I’ll be posting the new recipes in coming weeks, so stay-tuned!

Three Bean Chili (vegan) – I used my one-and-only favorite chili recipe, but I left out the fake beef crumbles to cut down on cost/make it gluten-free/because the grocery store didn’t have them.

Corn Casserole

Cabbage and Spinach Salad with Shallot Herb Dressing

Apple Pie Bars

Apple Crisp (vegan and gluten-free) – based on this pear and cranberry crisp, but substitute apples for the pears and cranberries.

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