First time cooking eggplant

Eggplant is one of those things that I’ve loved at restaurants but have always been a bit intimidated about trying at home.  However, when I saw this recipe it renewed my interest in learning how to cook it.  I am SO glad I did!  This recipe is delicious!  So flavorful, with a great combination of creamy,Read more

Spring meal

Tuesday was simply delightful!  The weather was so perfect–a bright and sunny 78 degrees! Fortunately the weather went perfectly with the meal I had planned for the SCL dinner.  We had a wheat berry and dried cherry salad, lentil salad, crustless spinach and feta pies, and berry trifle for dessert.  It seemed to be quiteRead more

Celebratory cake

We had a celebration at my church on Sunday, recognizing one of our members joining the small (but mighty) Servant Leadership Team.  When I asked Trish what kind of dessert she’d like to celebrate with, she said she liked chocolate and almonds but left the rest up to me.  After looking through the many magazineRead more

Happy Birthday!

My cousin’s birthday was a few weeks ago and I offered to do the catering for the party.  The birthday girl just wanted apple pie, so I had free-rein to decide what kind of cupcakes to make for the other kids at the party. They were expecting about 15 kids.  After consulting friends on whatRead more

Quinoa & Black Bean Casserole

My friend, Becky introduced me to this recipe.  A delicious, healthy and filling casserole that also happens to be vegetarian!  This will definitely become a staple in our house. Quinoa Black Bean Casserole Serves 8-10 Adapted from here  1  1/2 cups cooked quinoa 2 (15oz) cans black beans, drained and rinsed 2 large sweet potatoes,Read more

Miniature makes it better

I have to say that one of my favorite kitchen tools is my mini-muffin pan.  There’s just nothing as cute as a mini little bite of something.  That said, I was instantly drawn to these Mini Ham and Cheese Quinoa Cups.  These are like mini quiches, but without the decadent crust.  The quinoa (a highRead more

Fat Tuesday

SCL fell on Fat Tuesday, so someone requested a pancake dinner.  Since pancakes happen to be a specialty of mine, I was happy to oblige.  Our meal consisted of pancakes, egg casserole, and fruit salad.  Unfortunately, I had absolutely no idea how to estimate enough fruit salad for 20 people and ended up with WAY tooRead more