Salted Nut Chews (a.k.a. Lauren’s Christmas Cookies)

Salted Nut Chews (A Seat at the Table)

This is another recipe from my grandma.  These were the cookies I always requested for Christmas, they totally taste like the holidays to me.  I haven’t had these cookies in quite a few years, and so it was totally nostalgic having these again.  They’re apparently officially called Salted Nut Chews, but in my family they’reRead more

Cabbage and Lime Slaw with Toasted Peanuts

I’m a big fan of cabbage and love finding new ways to eat it.  Cabbage is wonderfully inexpensive and goes a long way.  I made this for Tuesday and have already made it again to go with our Thanksgiving leftovers.  The lime is refreshing and tart, the peanuts add a sweet crunch, and the edamameRead more