I’ve returned

My lovely beach vacation has ended.  It was a great trip!  I made some fast easy meals, so I’ll have some updates coming.   I also read a fantastic food related book, Foodist.  It’s a great book talking about how to create a “healthstyle” that works for you.  It’s written by the blogger of SummerRead more


Happy Birthday, Dad and Grampy!! If you want to check out how we’ll be celebrating please see the fabulous, legendary German Chocolate Cake recipe.  This is my dad’s birthday tradition, and I’ve taken over making it since my mom’s been doing it for the past 30-some odd years.  I’ll be making it even more epicallyRead more


For all of you who like to keep track of your various blogs through Google Reader, I’m sure you’re aware that G-Reader is ending.  I’ve moved to Bloglovin’ but there are several other options out there.  Wherever you go, I hope you’ll continue to follow me!  Stay tuned later this week for some almond butters!Read more

Beef Stroganoff

This has been a long time family favorite.  It’s one of my dad’s favorite meals.  I’ve made it twice now, and since I couldn’t find the family recipe, I’ve been making it up as I go along.  But since it’s a delicious meal, and rather unique since I use ground beef instead of the traditionalRead more

Birthday Cake

I hadn’t originally planned on posting this recipe because I wasn’t totally thrilled with the results.  However, after refrigerating the leftovers, I realized the secret is in serving it slightly chilled.  The cake has buttermilk in it, and with the tangy flavor from the cream cheese and sour cream in the frosting, I thought itRead more

Here we go!

Welcome! As I’m starting to do some catering I figured a blog would be a good place to keep track of my recipes and experiences.  Having no formal training in cooking, it’s all about experimenting and trial-and-error in my kitchen. I started to get interested in cooking my senior year of college, when I hadRead more