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Life in Balance (A Seat at the Table)

As you may have noticed, I’m working on a bit of a new look for my blog.  In addition to giving the site a new look, I’m also hoping to provide a bit more of a balanced perspective, with a few less treats and starting to add some posts on health news.

I believe that life is all about finding the right balance. It’s taken me a long time to find my healthy path, and I’m sure I’ll always be finding out new things and adjusting my path. I was never athletic, and hated sports growing up. My mom made me do swim team in middle school and I’d count the number of times I got lapped instead of the number of laps I was supposed to do. It wasn’t until graduate school when my friend (who taught me tons of delicious baked good recipes), suggested that we hire a personal trainer that I really got interested in working out.

It was lifting weights that finally made me feel competent at the gym. I loved the feeling of getting stronger. And I didn’t have to run, so that was a plus. When I moved away from Boston, my mom and I shared a personal trainer. And I got more and more interested in what exercises are working what muscles, and why you choose certain exercises. So I decided to get my personal training certification so I could begin training clients while I’m going back to school to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

To be totally honest, I still hate working out. It takes a lot of willpower to make me do it. But I’m always glad when I do, and I feel great when I’m done, and I love the sore muscles that result from a good workout. And there are a ton of benefits to working out.  I’m sure I’m not alone, and so I hope you’ll join me with wherever you are in your journey.

So these Life in Balance posts are just my way of sharing more about health and wellness. Eating well is a part of the puzzle, but there are some many contributing factors to a healthy, happy life. I hope you’ll enjoy these Life in Balance posts and let me know how you started and/or maintain your journey to wellness.

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